Luxury backyard pool surrounded by red brick paver patio and longe chairs, fire place and pergola

Eco-Friendly Poolscape in Montpelier

Montpelier, VA

Project Synopsis

This beautiful space was featured in Richmond Magazine's R-Home and is Outdoor Dreams' most environmentally friendly space to date. The expansive patio and pool deck, composed of Techo-Bloc products, were installed to be permeable, reducing runoff issues and preventing chemicals and silt from reaching vital waterways. To complement the permeable hardscape, this project also features a landscape composed entirely of native plants that support the local wildlife and ecosystem. Along with these environmentally friendly elements, this project also features a gunite pool, outdoor fireplace, pergola-covered dining area, wall fountain, and a custom boulder jumping rock. 

Tuscany inspired sitting area nearby the fire place and backyard pool
Outdoor sitting area with dark wicker couches and coffee table with tan cushions comfortably placed on natural stone paver patio under a pergola
Relax under this newly installed pergola near the double stacked fireplace
Lounge chairs spaced out under an umbrella beside a backyard pool
Backyard fiberglass pool installed with retaining wall keeping lawn separate
Large pergola covering back patio sitting area with woods in the background
large natural stones decoratively stacked beside the pool
rustic patio, pergola and fireplace installed around the backyard pool
Large backyard pool surrounded with stone pavers, natural stone walls and steps, a waterfall wall feature
Natural stone steps leading through the backyard with flowers and plants on either side
Stone knee wall with a water fountain feature flowing from it
Beautiful pink flowers popping out from the stone paver patio

Benefits of Landscaping with Native Plants

Benefits of Landscaping with Native Plants

Selecting native plants is vital to restoring and preserving a healthy environment. Along with being essential to the environment, the use of native plants has various other benefits that make them advantageous choices. In this article, we outline 10 benefits of using Native Plants.


The Benefits of Permeable Pavers

The Benefits of Permeable Pavers

Permeable paver systems have grown in popularity as municipalities and homeowners begin to understand the environmental impact of traditional, impermeable surfaces. In this article, we outline the importance and benefits of permeable paver systems.

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