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Gunite fiberglass swimming pool with sofa and stone wall
Gunite fiberglass swimming pool with sofa and stone wall

Outdoor Dreams is a design/build firm specializing in fiberglass and custom concrete (gunite) swimming pools for homeowners throughout Richmond and Central Virginia.

We take a holistic approach to every project and provide turn-key service to ensure that homeowners are left with a swimming pool that is immediately ready to enjoy.

No dealing with multiple contractors—we handle everything.

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Outdoor Dreams' Swimming Pool Projects

An Outdoor Dreams swimming pool project typically includes a large gunite or fiberglass pool, pool equipment with salt chlorinator and heater, automatic cover or fence, electrical and gas line installations, coping, pool decking, any necessary retaining walls, landscaping, irrigation, outdoor lighting, and all necessary site work (demolition, excavation, trenching, grading, soil removal, and drainage).

Our swimming pool projects start at $175,000 with most clients spending between $225,000 and $275,000.

Choosing between

Fiberglass and Gunite Swimming Pools

Outdoor Dreams offers both fiberglass and gunite inground swimming pools. Though both options result in stunning poolscapes, fiberglass and gunite swimming pools each have benefits and tradeoffs.

Gunite swimming pool with paver pool decking and fireplace

Fiberglass Swimming Pools

The popularity of fiberglass swimming pools continues to grow every year because of their quick installation and lower maintenance. Fiberglass swimming pools require less maintenance because their smooth gelcoat finish is non-abrasive, providing little to no space for algae to grow. The non-porous surface also means fewer chemicals are necessary to maintain proper water balance.

Fiberglass swimming pools require only around 30 minutes of upkeep each week, and never need to be drained, replaced, or resurfaced. This means you can spend your pool time relaxing, enjoying your space with friends and family.

Gunite swimming pool with bluestone pool decking and stone wall

Gunite Swimming Pools

If you're looking for or your property requires a custom swimming pool, gunite is your solution. Gunite swimming pools are custom designed and use a rebar framework that is sprayed over with a mixture of concrete, sand, and water. Once cured, the gunite pool structure is waterproofed with a finishing coat of plaster.

Unlike manufactured options, gunite swimming pools are designed and built completely from scratch, allowing you to customize your pool's shape, size, depth, finishes, and features. Because the construction process is completely custom and requires a cure time, gunite swimming pool projects typically take 2-3 times longer to complete than projects with factory-made fiberglass shells.

Gunite swimming pool with natural waterfall and outdoor fireplace

From Design Through Build

A Reliable Process

From design through build, we follow a consistent process to produce unique swimming pool projects, create lasting property value, and delight clients.

We take the guesswork out of contracting by setting realistic expectations and charting a step-by-step roadmap from start to finish.

Gunite fiberglass swimming pool with paver pool decking and pergola

Outdoor Dreams is the best! Their attention to detail is superb. Greg listens to all your ideas and delivers a design that is truly a dream. Geoff and his crew have a fantastic eye for detail. Professional and hardworking. You will see the results. Job well done!

Cassie M.
Richmond, VA
Gunite swimming pool with travertine pool decking and dining table

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