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luxury paver patio with pavilion and gas outdoor fireplace with outdoor television
luxury paver patio with pavilion and gas outdoor fireplace with outdoor television

Outdoor Dreams is a design/build firm specializing in luxury stone and paver patios for homeowners throughout Richmond and Central Virginia.

We take a holistic approach to every project and provide turn-key service to ensure that homeowners are left with a patio that is immediately ready to enjoy.

No dealing with multiple contractors - we handle everything.


Comprehensive service

Outdoor Dreams' Patio Projects

An Outdoor Dreams' patio project typically includes a multi-room space with landscaping, irrigation, outdoor lighting, all necessary site work (demo, excavation, trenching, grading, soil removal, and drainage), and additional features, including grill islands, outdoor kitchens, fire features, pergolas, pavilions, retaining and seat walls, water features, and utilities (gas, electrical, water).

Our patios typically start between $25,000 and $75,000. Larger patios with multiple features typically range between $100,000 and $200,000.

Outdoor Dreams serves the Greater Richmond / Central Virginia area including (but not limited to) Short Pump, Glen Allen, Henrico, Chesterfield, Moseley, Mechanicsville, Montpeliar, Goochland, Powhatan, Chester, and more.

Our 75 mile work radius also includes Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, Ashland, Spottsylvania, Williamsburg, and areas in between.

Paver patio with fire pit, pergola, outdoor kitchen, stone walls and landscaping

From Design through build

A Reliable Process

From design through build, we follow a consistent process to produce unique patio projects that delight clients and create lasting property value.

We take the guesswork out of contracting by setting realistic expectations and charting a step-by-step roadmap from start to finish.

Paver patio with fire pit and pavilion

Outdoor Dreams created our own "outdoor dream". They were so easy to work with, delivered our project on time, and we couldn't be happier with our new backyard escape. Geoff, Mike, and Greg all were truly professional and really took what we wanted and made it better.

Coleman B.
Mechanicsville, VA
Purple coneflower with patio in the background

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Bluestone patio with brick border and potted plants
Bluestone patio with brick border and potted plants

Paver & Stone Patios

Outdoor Dreams is a skilled builder of paver and natural stone patios. Whether you prefer the color and design versatility of pavers or the stunning natural beauty of stone, our team can design and build the patio that best suits your home and personal preferences.

We proudly construct our work to the highest standard of engineering, ensuring each space remains beautiful and valuable as long as you are in your home. Learn more about hardscape construction and our industry-leading warranty.

Soften your hardscape

Landscaping & Outdoor Lighting

Dollar for dollar, few things add more value to your patio than landscaping and outdoor lighting. Even an uncomplicated patio, without any other features, is elevated to luxury with the addition of these elements.

limelight hydrangea with white blooms


Landscaping, even when done minimally, helps to soften the space and create a relaxing atmosphere. At Outdoor Dreams, our landscapes are designed to be high impact, low-maintenance, and engage all of the senses. Additionally, we always incorporate plants that produce excellent cut flowers, allowing you to make arrangements to be enjoyed indoors or shared with family and friends.

Outdoor lighting with stone outdoor fireplace

Outdoor Lighting

Quality lighting is essential for enjoying your patio after sunset. A quality outdoor lighting plan supplies balanced light throughout the patio space, providing both safety and ambiance. At Outdoor Dreams, our outdoor lighting designs include a balanced combination of fixtures and are customized to consider the look, use, and flow of the patio.

backyard pond and waterfall

increased tranquility and relaxation

Waterfalls & Fountains

The sound of running water creates a tranquil setting that is a welcome addition to any patio. At Outdoor Dreams, we offer low-maintenance water features that add to your patio's ambiance without increasing your outdoor chores. Whether it's a pondless waterfall, wall fountain, or a simple bubbling feature, an Outdoor Dreams water feature can increase the enjoyment of your patio.

Adding atmosphere and warmth

Patio Fireplaces and Fire Pits

For many, fire features are the most popular component of their outdoor living space. Whether it's the romantic, glowing atmosphere they create or the warmth they provide during colder seasons, patio fireplaces and fire pits are both wonderful additions.

Stone outdoor fireplace with wood boxes


If you're looking to create a formal and elegant experience, a patio fireplace is a perfect addition to your space. These large structures provide a grand stature to an outdoor living space and create an elegant ambiance.

Learn more about the fireplaces we build.

Paver patio with stone sitting wall and stone fire pit

Fire Pits

If you're looking to create a casual atmosphere with the traditional campfire experience, a fire pit is a great addition to your patio. Fire pits are perfect for long nights of storytelling and toasting marshmallows for S'mores.

Learn more about the fire pits we build.

Stone outdoor kitchen with outdoor television

Elevated Grilling

Outdoor Kitchens

Along with fire features, Outdoor Kitchens are one of the most popular patio amenities. As often happens indoors, well-planned outdoor kitchens are the centerpiece and gathering point of outdoor living spaces. As the popularity of outdoor kitchens grows, new innovations provide an increasing number of options for homeowners. In many ways, outdoor kitchens are more versatile than indoor ones.

Creating Shade

Patio Pavilions and Pergolas

During the hot summer months, even the most sun-loving individuals need the occasional break from the heat. Though it doesn't actually lower the temperature, science shows that shade makes the air feel 10-15 degrees cooler. If you're looking to get the most use (and value) out of your outdoor space, consider adding a patio pavilion or pergola for shade.

Wood pergola with curtains on a paver patio with white hydrangeas


Pergolas provide a break from the sun but are not as overwhelming (or costly) as a full roof structure. Pergolas also provide a structure for mounting fans, lights, outdoor televisions, audio, and more.

For increased shade, design a pergola with top runners and rafters closer together. Also, consider installing shades and curtains for increased shade and privacy.

White patio pavilion on a paver patio with landscaping


If shade is what you want, a full roof structure is what you need. These pavilion structures create stunning outdoor rooms that are as comfortable as you can be on a patio. The full shade created by pavilions provides the best setting for watching an outdoor television during the day. Additionally, upgraded lighting options create wonderful and unique outdoor evening experiences.

Stone patio and stone retaining wall with potted evergreen tree

Creating levels and Controlling Slope

Retaining & Seat Walls

Whether it is to control a yard's slope, create a multi-tiered space, or provide built-in seating, Outdoor Dreams' patios often include retaining and seat walls. Unless otherwise requested, our retaining and seat walls are veneered and capped with natural stone products.

To ensure lifetime durability, our stone walls are built on 6" concrete foundations reinforced with rebar or fiberglass. All walls over 3 feet in height are inspected to meet code.

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