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Outdoor Dreams is a design/build firm specializing in luxury outdoor spaces for homeowners throughout Richmond and Central Virginia.

For many, fire pits are the most popular feature of their outdoor space. Whether it's the romantic, glowing atmosphere they create or the warmth they provide during colder seasons, fire pits are a fantastic addition sure to create countless memories.

Outdoor Dreams' Fire Pits


An Outdoor Dreams' wood-burning fire pit typically ranges from $4,000 - $7,000. Outdoor Dreams' fire pits are typically composed of stone/brick masonry or segmental concrete block kits. All Outdoor Dreams' fire pits have a custom stone cap and are given a fire-proof lining (refractory brick or steel insert) to protect the structure. Smokeless inserts can be added for an additional $500.

Gas features typically add an additional $7,000 - $7,500+ for the insert, decorative jewelry (gas logs, fire glass, etc.), and running the gas line.


With multiple design options available, an in-house masonry team, and management that can handle permitting with ease, Outdoor Dreams is able to help homeowners quickly add fire pits within 4-8 weeks of signing a contract.

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We’ve really enjoyed our outdoor space since we built it last year. The fall was excellent and this year we’ve spent most evenings of Feb through June on our patio. It’s gotten us outside more. It gets us away from the TV. Even wine seems to taste better outside. The patio has also been great for working from home.

Kevin J.
Glen Allen, VA

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Design Options

Wood vs. Gas Burning

When planning your fire pit, one of the most difficult decisions is choosing between whether your feature will be gas or wood-burning. Though similar in many ways, gas and wood-burning fire pits are also very different. Each has its distinct advantages as well as its own disadvantages.

Wood Burning Fire Pits

The scent and sound of a crackling, wood fire create an enchanting ambiance that is unmatched by any gas feature. Additionally, the rich, warming glow of a wood-burning fire creates a greater sense of comfort than gas flames which tend to be more sterile.

Wood-burning outdoor fire pits also provide greater heat than gas features. Though some gas burners generate an equivalent amount of BTUs, many localities regulate their use. If warmth is a driving factor in your decision-making, a wood-burning fire pit is definitely the best choice.

And finally, wood-burning fire pits are also the "chef's choice" for campfire cooking. Whether it's s'mores, hot dogs, or something more elaborate, campfire cooking should always be done over a wood-burning fire.

Gas Fire Pits

If you're looking for convenience, a gas fire pit might be your best bet. No buying wood. No chopping wood. No stacking wood. No seasoning wood. No burning wood. No wood ashes to clean.

With a gas feature, you can go from zero to fire in less than ten seconds. With such convenience, gas fire pits are perfect for both a planned evening with friends or an impromptu nightcap.

Another key feature of gas fire pits is the lack of smoke. With wood-burning features, smoke seems to follow you no matter where you sit and the smell can stick with you for days. With a gas feature, smoke and its lingering smell are not a concern.

Design Options

Circular or Square?


When discussing fire pits, a circular structure is typically the first image that comes to mind. A circular fire pit is perfect for gathering around and can typically accommodate the most individual chairs. That said, circular fire pits are typically more expensive because of the extra labor and materials required to construct curved structures.

Square & Rectangle

Depending on the patio design, straight-edge fire pits are often the best fit and most efficient use of space. Square & Rectangle fire pits are also the best options for accommodating sofas and love seats. Additionally, as with most structures, straight-edge options are typically less expensive than curved designs.

Design Options

Material Selection


Whether stone or brick, Outdoor Dreams' masonry team can build you a custom fire pit that perfectly matches or compliments your outdoor space and home. Custom masonry fire pits are typically installed over 2-3 days.

All Outdoor Dreams' masonry fire pits are lined with refractory brick or installed with a steel liner. Stone fire pits include a stone cap and start at $4,600 for square structures and $6,400 for circular. Brick fire pits start at $4,000 and come with a rowlock or stone cap.

Segmental Block Kits

Segmental block kits are a great option if you're matching an existing patio composed of similar or like materials. Additionally, if you're looking for a quick installation, our experienced team can install a block fire pit kit in 1 day.

All Outdoor Dreams' segmental block fire pit kits come with a custom stone cap and fireproof steel liner. Kits, like those pictured, typically start at $5,600.

Want something a little Different? Consider a...

Fire Wall

This lesser-known fire feature combines the elements of both a fire pit and an outdoor fireplace. It has the heat output and usability of a fire pit while providing the grand stature and elegance of an outdoor fireplace. These structures also typically cost somewhere between that of a fire pit and an outdoor fireplace.

Fire walls are not the right fit for every space or every homeowner, but they're definitely worth considering!

Very professional and completely able to work with you and your budget while providing a complete vision for years to come. During the build process, the level of detail and care is above and beyond. All of the workers are friendly and professional. Our space is everything we imagined and more. Thank you Outdoor Dreams.

Linsey C.
Glen Allen, VA

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