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Plunge pool with fountain and paver patio decking
Plunge pool with fountain and paver patio decking

Outdoor Dreams is a design/build firm specializing in outdoor spaces, including plunge pools, for homeowners throughout Richmond and Central Virginia.

We take a holistic approach to every project and provide turn-key service to ensure that homeowners are left with an outdoor escape that is immediately ready to enjoy.

No dealing with multiple contractors—we handle everything.

Starting with the basics

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Plunge" pool?

A plunge pool is a small pool designed for the purposes of wading or lounging. They are great for people who enjoy taking a quick dip or relaxing on a pool ledge. Plunge pools are also a great option for pool-loving homeowners with small properties and space constraints. Though not ideal for large pool parties and active games, plunge pools are great for casual lounging with 1-5 people and low-impact water exercise or rehabilitation.

What are the benefits of a plunge pool?

  • Cost: Though plunge pools still require a significant investment (see below), their size does ultimately make them less expensive to install and maintain than larger pools.

  • Maintenance: Whether your concern is chemical balancing or skimming out leaves and debris, plunge pools are much easier to maintain than larger pools.

  • Size: Along with resulting in the lower cost and maintenance mentioned previously, the smaller size allows for greater flexibility when it comes to placement. For pool lovers living in townhomes and smaller city properties, plunge pools are a great solution to the problem of limited space!

  • Attractive: Insulated and heated plunge pools are a popular choice for individuals that want, but do not like the look of, a hot tub.

  • Versatile: When coupled with various features, plunge pools can be transformed into a hot tub, lap pool, water feature, and more!

How much do plunge pools cost?

An Outdoor Dreams plunge pool project typically includes a small concrete or fiberglass pool, pool equipment with salt chlorinator and heater, automatic or roll-out cover, electrical installation, decorative tile, coping, and all necessary site work (demolition, excavation, trenching, grading, soil removal, drainage, etc.).

Our in-ground plunge pools start at $100,000 and include everything listed above. Elevating the pool 18" above grade (like the picture below) will typically add $10,000-$20,000, depending on the size of the plunge pool. To add hot tub capabilities, an additional $10,000-12,500 is required for the heater, insulation package, and gas/propane line.

Soake plunge pool raised with stone veneer wall, fountain and stone patio

Outdoor Dreams Partners

Soake Pools

Our plunge pools typically start with the innovative structures from Soake pools. Their plunge pools are made in New England using state-of-the-art materials and delivered pre-built for a quick installation. Soake pools offers 4 linear models ranging from 7' x 7' to 7' x 13'. Upgrades include a static-swim system to create a lap-pool current and a heater/insulation package for year-round use. Their unique structures can be installed flush with the ground or raised (as pictured) to create a unique and stunning feature.

Fiberglass plunge pool with paver patio

Larger options

Fiberglass & Gunite

For clients that want a plunge pool larger than 13' x 7', Outdoor Dreams also offers fiberglass and gunite options.

Our fiberglass models, from Imagine and Latham pools, range in size from 10' x 16' to 10' x 26'.

Our gunite plunge pools are fully custom, offering the most versatility. Because they are fully custom, gunite plunge pools are typically the most expensive option.

Soake Plunge pool with stone patio and fire pit

From design through build

A Reliable Process

From design through build, we follow a consistent process to produce unique plunge pool projects, create lasting property value, and delight clients.

We take the guesswork out of contracting by setting realistic expectations and charting a step-by-step roadmap from start to finish.

Gunite pool with stone patio and two deck chairs

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