Creating Outdoor Holiday Traditions on your Patio or Deck

December 5, 2022
Creating Outdoor Holiday Traditions on your Patio or Deck

Outdoor holiday experiences are often the most unique and special. That said, because going outside in December is not anyone’s natural inclination, creating unique holiday traditions in your outdoor living space requires thought and preparation. To help you make the best use of your patio, deck, and porch during the holiday season, we have put together a guide with a few helpful tips and ideas.

Outdoor Christmas scene with large decorated tree and presents surrounding it to the left of a roaring wood-fire burning in a tall fireplace

First things First

Decorate your space!

You are more likely to incorporate your outdoor living space into your holiday festivities if it's decorated for the season. A festive patio or deck will be more inviting and encourage you and your family to get outside.

Red, glossy and matte ball ornaments, red berries, red ribbons and stockings decorate this paver patio

Take it up a notch

Setup an Outdoor Tree

Whether you have a deck, porch, or patio, every outdoor living space has the perfect spot for a Christmas tree. An outdoor tree will provide a focal point for your display as well as offer you a creative and fun option for Christmas morning.

warm blankets cover the wicker chairs that sit near the large outdoor fireplace

Put the tree to use

Create an Outdoor Christmas Morning Tradition

Setting up an outdoor tree creates a unique opportunity for Christmas morning. If the weather permits, consider starting a new outdoor Christmas morning tradition.

paver patio holds a metal dining table and chairs that sit under a wood pavilion

A Unique party experience

Include your Outdoor Space in your holiday gathering

Indoor gatherings get stuffy in the winter when it is tough to balance your central heating system with a group of people wearing tacky sweaters. Instead of forcing guests to suffer through, plan on using your outdoor living space as an overflow area where people can step outside to cool off and get some fresh air.

If the weather is too cold, there is no need to plan an entire evening outside. Simply consider warm drinks and cocktails to start or end your gathering.

There's so much room for activities!

your outdoor living space provides plenty of room and the perfect setting for holiday fun.

Jefferson vineyard wine bottles pose in front of a pitcher of mulled wine

Gather friends and Family

Warm Seasonal Drinks & Cocktails

Whether it's part of your holiday party or an impromptu gathering of friends and neighbors, enjoy some fresh air and keep warm with hot seasonal drinks and cocktails. For the kids, consider hot chocolate and mulled apple cider. For the spirited adults, consider seasonal favorites like mulled wine, hot toddies, and spiked cider or eggnog.

If you're looking for something new and creative, consider one of the Outdoor Dreams Holiday Cocktails!

wood burning in the outdoor fireplace with a cast iron skillet used to roast chestnuts for the holidays

Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

Create a Yule Log tradition

The custom of burning a Yule Log goes back to before medieval times. If you have a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, consider starting your own Yule log traditions.

A great place to start might be bringing "The Christmas Song" to life by roasting chestnuts on an open fire while Jack Frost nips at your nose.

platter of sprinkled sugar cookies chocolate and marshmallows to be used for christmas smores

fun for kids of all ages

Holiday S'mores!

For the holidays, consider stepping up your S'more's game. Instead of graham crackers, consider using extra Christmas cookies or gingerbread. For a peppermint twist, sprinkle your s'mores with a crushed candy cane or swap out the traditional chocolate bar with peppermint bark.

popcorn ribbon for the christmas tree is draped over the wicker arm chair with a vase full of cranberries

Keep the mess outside

Stringing Popcorn

This is an old tradition that we hope makes a comeback. On a nice evening, set up by a fire pit or outdoor fireplace to string popcorn for your Christmas tree. By stringing your popcorn on the patio or deck, you are limiting the mess and cleanup. In fact, leave the mess and any leftovers for the birds and squirrels; they will greatly appreciate it.

outdoor tv mounted above the fireplace mantle and decorated with garland and stockings with a christmas tree beside it

While Stringing Popcorn...

Watch your favorite holiday classic!

If you've set up an outdoor TV, take advantage of a beautiful evening and watch your favorite holiday movie outside. Take things up a notch and plan a themed evening with snacks and treats inspired by the movie.

Elf on the Shelf sitting on outdoor fireplace mantle leans on candle stick

Speaking of messes...

Give your Elf an Outdoor Shelf

These little devils have been causing havoc and creating messes ever since they arrived. It's time to kick the elves out of the house and let them create messes outside, where the cleanup is easier.

All of your plans hinge on

Having a plan to keep warm!

two wicker arm chairs have blankets draped over them and sit in front of the wood burning outdoor fireplace

Have Blankets & Throws Ready

Be sure to always have blankets and throws ready to keep all of your friends and family members warm. Don't be afraid to have extra for those that need to double-up.

Check out our guide to winter use of your outdoor space for more tips...

two white stockings hang on the wood burning fireplace mantle and above a wooden nativity scene

Be Prepared to Start a Fire

If you have a wood-burning fire pit or outdoor fireplace, keep fully stocked with firewood, starters, and kindling so that you're always ready to start a fire.

Check out our guide to winter use of your outdoor space for more tips...

Outdoor grill island with stone veneer walls are decorated with garlands and holly berries and cupcakes

Don't forget the food and drinks

If you're entertaining, it's important to keep the food and seasonal drinks warm. To do this in your outdoor space, simply keep your grill on low and use it as you would an oven.

mistletoe hangs from the pavilion cross beam

Create some romance

Hang Mistletoe

If the blankets and fire aren't keeping you warm, maybe a little passionate spark is what you need. Mistletoe hanging from a pergola or pavilion is sure to add a little heat to the holiday season.

a drink platter holds champaign and glasses along with new year's eve golden decor displayed in front of the christmas tree outside by the fire

once you've found your kissing partner...

Toast the New Year Outdoors!

Finish off the holiday season on your patio or deck. Watch the ball drop on an Outdoor TV and celebrate with a traditional toast. If the weather proves too cold to celebrate the entire evening outdoors, set up an outdoor space to get some fresh air or celebrate the year with a cigar.

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