Landscape Plants That Create Stunning Bouquets

February 8, 2023
Landscape Plants That Create Stunning Bouquets

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At Outdoor Dreams, we believe that one of the best ways to enjoy your landscape is to bring it indoors. Instead of only enjoying your landscape while outside, we encourage you to clip your favorite flowers and foliages for arrangements to be enjoyed throughout your home.

Science has discovered that simply having fresh-cut flowers in your home can increase feelings of wellbeing, reduce anxiety, and give you an increased sense of calm at home. Utilizing your landscape for flower arrangements allows you to enjoy these benefits without breaking the bank at the local florist...which, quite frankly, might have the exact opposite effects.

In this article, we suggest a wide variety of landscape plants that can be used to make wonderful and unique flower arrangements. We hope that this comprehensive list inspires you to start clipping the garden and bringing it inside!

a woman is putting finishing touches on a large bouquet of Lilacs and Viburnum in a glass pitcher for a vase


Flowering Shrubs

If you're looking to make a large arrangement or centerpiece, the best place to start is your shrubbery. Instead of smaller, single flower perennials and bulbs, shrubs provide larger blooms and masses of flowers. Additionally, shrubs allow you to clip longer stems that are needed to create larger, "show-stopper" arrangements.

As an added bonus, because most shrubs should be pruned soon after flowering, clipping stems for a bouquet gives you a headstart on your pruning maintenance.

Pictured: Lilacs and Viburnum

lime green hydrangeas with long stems make up a beautiful bouquet  and pairs beside a bottle of white wine

Proven Winner

'Limelight' Hydrangea

All hydrangeas make great cut flowers, but the 'Lightlight' variety makes for truly exceptional bouquets. To start, this shrub is a vigorous bloomer that allows you to clip a stunning bouquet and still have a beautiful shrub in the landscape. This shrub also has really long stems that are perfect for creating a big, showy bouquet. And finally, as with most hydrangeas, the flowers dry easily, allowing you to enjoy them for an extended period of time.

a massive bouquet of a mixture of white Spirea and green Hydrangea against a white background
Additional Flowering Shrubs to consider:

Roses (duh!)

Flowering Quince



Rose of Sharon


Mock Orange

Spirea (Pictured)

a field of native plants flowering in yellows and purples

You can never go wrong with...

Native Wildflowers!

At Outdoor Dreams, we are advocates of using native plants in the landscape. One of the advantages of using native wildflowers is that many of them make wonderful cut flowers. There is just something about a bouquet of native wildflowers that feels very "Americana."

a handful of yellow centered and purple petaled asters growing together
Additional Native Wildflowers

Asters (Pictured)

Queen Anne's Lace

Liatris (Gayfeather)


Bee Balm

False Indigo

Golden Rod


woman holds a bouquet of purple perennials of Pincushion Flower & Veronica


Flowering Perennials

Along with Native Wildflowers, there are numerous perennials found in landscapes that make wonderful cut flowers. Some, like Delphinium and Peonies, are longtime favorites in bouquets while others, like Lenten Roses and Astilbe, are newer to the scene, but quickly becoming trendy favorites.

Pictured: Pincushion Flower & Veronica

clippings from blue, white and pink bellflower perennials are put into a square glass vase
Other great flowering Perennials for cutting


Rose Campion

Peony (Of Course!)

Shasta Daisy



Russian Sage


Pincushion Flower


Asiatic Lily


Bellflowers (Pictured)


white and purple flowers are blooming off the tree twigs

Looking upward

Flowering Trees

When planning cut flower arrangements, failure to consider tree branches is a missed opportunity. Flowering tree branches add height and depth to mixed arrangements. When used by themselves, vases of branch arrangements look like works of art. As with shrubbery, strategic clipping of branches can also help you get a jumpstart on your pruning maintenance.

a wedding bouquet is made from various clippings of white and maroon flowers

Don't forget about

Texture & Foliage

When making mixed bouquets, it is often the texture and foliage that make arrangements stand out. This is where your arrangements can become truly creative and unique. Because so many plants are not grown widely for commercial use, this is also where your arrangements can separate themselves from those found at many florists. As our long list of recommendations suggests, don't be afraid to try anything when adding texture & foliage!

Picture: Stems of Japanese Maple elevate this bouquet of Clematis and Anemone flowers

ornamental grass that is tall and thin and green on the bottom and oat like and thin on the top
Additional Choices for Texture & Greenery

Ornamental Grasses (Pictured)


Cherry Laurel




Plum Yew


Red Twig Dogwood

Evergreens (Juniper, Arborvitae, Pine, etc)



bushes of annual little orange and red flowers on gravel patio

And finally...

Bulbs & Seasonal Plantings

To close things out, we provide a list of bulbs and seasonal plantings (annuals) that provide flowers and foliage great for making arrangements. Because annuals and bulbs are widely produced for commercial use, many on this list are obvious choices. Though obvious, we've included them as a reminder and to ensure that our list is comprehensive.

a vase full of dusty miller light green and textured leaves
Bulbs and Seasonal Plantings

Dusty Miller (Pictured)










Gerbera Daisies


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