Planning Snow Day Patio Fun!

January 24, 2021
Planning Snow Day Patio Fun!

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Snow days provide another opportunity for creating unique outdoor memories on your patio. Because snow creates unique challenges, it's essential to be prepared so that you can make the most of the experience.

In this article, we provide the tips needed to properly prepare for a fun snow day on your patio.

bottom-left corner of firewood storage is shown beneath the covering

REstock & Cover your


Gathering around a fire is arguably the best snow day experience you can have on your patio.

If your fire feature is wood-burning, you won't be able to have a snow day fire without firewood. When snow enters the forecast, make sure that your firewood is fully stocked.

Additionally, if your firewood is exposed to the elements, make sure to cover it so that it remains dry. Damp wood is difficult to start and results in a smokey fire.

outdoor furniture is all covered and the umbrella is tied closed

while you're covering things,

Cover your Furniture

When gathering around a snow day fire, you'll want a dry place to sit. If you don't have furniture covers, you can pull seats together and cover them with a tarp. Or, if you haven't already, simply bring the cushions indoors.

graham crackers marshmellows and chocolate are prepared to be made into smores

Stock up on the essentials

Prepare for S'mores

A snow day fire experience would not be complete without S'mores. When stocking up before the storm, be sure to include graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars on your shopping list.

two mugs of hot chocolate sit atop a charger and have cinnamon sticks attached with marshmallows ready for roasting

and don't forget the...

Hot Chocolate

Along with S'mores, don't forget to pick up everything you need to make another snow day essential. Whether it's an instant mix (Swiss Miss anyone?) or the ingredients for your preferred recipe, be sure that hot chocolate is also on the shopping list!

man shoveling snow with blue plastic snow shovel

Prevent scuffs & scratches

Get a Plastic Shovel

Though metal shovels are often great for cutting through ice patches, they should never be used on paver patios. Metal shovels will permanently scuff and scratch your pavers, causing irreparable damage. If you want to clear snow off your paver patio, be sure to have a plastic snow shovel.

techo-bloc round stone pavers beside rectangular natural stone pavers

know your materials

Are they de-icing salt resistant?

De-icing salts can permanently damage concrete and inexpensive pavers. Before applying any de-icing products to your outdoor space, research your materials to ensure you won't cause irreparable damage.

At Outdoor Dreams, we proudly use quality, durable Techo-Bloc pavers that are resistant to de-icing salt damage.

roaring fire inside the stacked stone veneer wood burning fire pit

When the Snow Falls

Start Small

When the snow day arrives, be sure to start small with the fire. On really cold days, it's important to allow your fire feature to warm up. Starting off with a large, hot fire could cause your masonry work to crack. Even refractory brick (manufactured to withstand high temperatures) can crack if it goes from extreme cold to extreme heat too quickly.

Now that you're prepared, always remember:

The best memories are made outdoors...

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