Designing an Outdoor Space for Romance

June 4, 2021
Designing an Outdoor Space for Romance

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When designing an outdoor living space, you need to consider how you plan to use the space and the types of memories you'd like to create. Outdoor living spaces are meant to enhance our relationships with nature and loved ones. Though used mostly for lighthearted fun with family and friends, these spaces can also provide the perfect setting for romance.

In this article, we discuss 7 suggestions for designing an outdoor space that fosters romance.

woman pulling down mini-blinds to peak outside her window

Eliminate Onlookers

Ensure Privacy

It's impossible to create romance if you feel like you're being watched (unless you're into that sort of thing). When planning your outdoor living space, you should always consider privacy. Privacy can be created with evergreen trees, carpentry screens, outdoor curtains, fencing, and more.

For areas where built-in privacy isn't possible, consider purchasing (or making) a foldable outdoor screen that can be moved around for optimal privacy.

couch side-table with candle lit and a nearby plant

Create ambiance with

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in creating a romantic setting. The key to adding depth and ambiance to your space is varying the intensity and source of illumination.

In an outdoor setting, illumination typically starts with low voltage lighting throughout the space. A balanced mix of fixtures should light the space evenly and allow you use your space after the sun goes down.

To add the fairytale glow of string lights, be sure to strategically locate electrical outlets on structures and throughout the landscape.

gas-burning fire-pit turned on to light up the outdoor space

Sparks are sure to fly if you

Add a Fire Feature

The flickering flames. The warm glow. Few things create a romantic setting better than a fire.

Whether it's wood-burning or gas, built-in or portable, make sure to include room for a fire feature in your outdoor living space.

wood-burning clay chiminea beside a cozy chair with blanket draped over it

Create a Secret garden full of

Hidden Nooks & Sitting Areas

If you're looking to create romance, design a secret garden full of hidden nooks and sitting areas, perfect for stealing a kiss. Include lush landscaping and stepping stone walkways to guide you through the space.

beautiful small purple flowers budding on a Phlox

Fill your Garden with

Cut Flowers

A bouquet of fresh flowers can immediately set a romantic mood. While one from the market or florist is great, a handpicked bouquet from your garden adds a personal touch.

When designing your landscape, include plants that produce good cut flowers. Suggestions include Hydrangeas, English and Hybrid Tea Roses, Peonies, Iris, Coneflowers, Daisies, and Phlox.

outdoor tv mounted to a wood-burning fireplace

Outdoor Movie nights are possible with an

Outdoor Television

An outdoor television allows you to put a fun twist on “dinner and a movie!” The outdoor setting will transform this cliché date into something truly unique and special. Outdoor televisions can be mounted to fireplaces, pergolas, pavilions, screens, and even the exterior of your home.

corner of a backyard pool divided to create a hot tub nearby the patio seating area

Consider Adding a

Hot Tub or Pool

There are few settings sexier and more romantic than a hot tub or pool. With good privacy screening and lighting ambiance (and maybe a good babysitter?), a hot tub or pool could provide many romantic evenings.

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