Outdoor Dreams' Cocktail Hour

March 23, 2022
Outdoor Dreams' Cocktail Hour

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We have partnered with Beth Dixon of Salt & Acid to bring you Cocktail Hour with Outdoor Dreams. Beth has been in the restaurant industry for over 19 years, working at many of Richmond's finest restaurants including Can Can, Pasture, Perch, and L'Opossum. She also currently serves as President for the Richmond, VA chapter of the United States Bartenders’ Guild. Her company Salt & Acid provides professional bartending services for private events, special occasions, and beverage consulting.

Our goal with the Outdoor Dreams' Cocktail Hour series is to inspire you with cocktail recipes that pair perfectly with outdoor foods and activities.

Gettin' Figgy Wit It

This delicious drink highlights the bourbon flavor by balancing it with a bitter-sweet combination of Amaro, lemon juice, and fig syrup. Beth says "I love figs and bourbon together, they pair so well with the vanilla and spice notes of the Whiskey. The addition of amaro adds depth and the lemon makes this cocktail work year-round." We agree - this refreshing cocktail is absolutely perfect for a summer evening by the pool. 

La Vie En Rose

For our second cocktail hour, we have chosen another refreshing recipe that heightens sparkling rose' wine with grapefruit juice, an aperitivo, and ginger liqueur. The winning combination of sparkling rose' and grapefruit juice make La Vie En Rose a perfect cocktail for the outdoors.

The Birds & the Bees

As its name implies, this bright and refreshing cocktail would be right at home at a garden party or poolside gathering. The cardamom-honey and fennel pollen garnish provide a unique depth of flavor that elevates this cocktail well above the average vodka soda.

U.S. of Yay!

To celebrate Independence Day, we chose this refreshing and patriotic (read: blue!) cocktail because we thought it perfect for cookouts, pool parties and all kinds of outdoor celebrations. Make a large batch of this crowd pleasing fruity and floral cocktail to share at the cookout! This drink is sure to make you feel like celebrating!

The Patio Pounder

This drink can only be described as highly crushable. Watermelon paired with agave spirits, citrusy bitter Aperol, balanced with the acidity of lime, shaken and chilled to be served ice cold. Looking for the perfect drink you and your friends can pound on the patio? Look no further. This is it.

The Grill & Chill

The Grill and Chill features the perfect balance of smoke, sweet and spice highlighted by grilled peaches, fresh squeezed lemon and the smoke of Mezcal. It's perfect for pairing with your grilled summer supper!

Smoke & Fire

This cocktail is "booze forward" and perfect for sipping slowly by your fire feature. The proportions are similar to a Rob Roy or Manhattan, but the unique bitters and garnishes give it a wonderful seasonal feel. Though we released it for Halloween, this is a wonderful fireside sipper throughout the fall, holiday, and winter seasons.

Home for the Holidays

For our Thanksgiving edition, we present a spiced rum cocktail that is perfectly balanced and wonderfully seasonal with a pumpkin shrub. This cocktail would be perfect around a fire to kick off your festivities or after dinner with (or in lieu of) dessert. And though we are releasing it for Thanksgiving, this delicious cocktail is perfect throughout the fall and holiday seasons.

Pear-Ginger Sangria

This easy Sangria packs a punch with spicy ginger and winter fruits. Whether it's Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year's, this punch is perfect for parties all winter long.

Candy Cane Coquito

This dairy-free and vegan recipe is a great alternative to egg nog. Break out your grandma's punch bowl and cups; we can't think of a better way to serve this festive drink.

Don't let the green color turn you off! This drink is absolutely delicious!

Gingerbread Margarita

Great drink for the grown-ups to enjoy during their Elf shift. Pairs well with cookies and Holiday burnout.

The cordial is a great idea for homemade gift-giving, just put it in a pretty jar with some ribbons and a cute label!"

Additionally, this cocktail can be made non-alcoholic!  Simply substitute  Ginger ale for the Tequila!

Old Man Winter

This seasonal twist on an Old Fashioned is infused with the winter favorites orange & cranberry. It's the perfect fireside sipper to enjoy with your fire pit or outdoor fireplace on a winter afternoon or evening. It can also be equally enjoyed indoors when the weather outside is frightful!

Wish Come True

We love this cocktail for its simplicity and also its ability to easily be converted to a non-alcoholic drink for those who abstain and for the kids to have fun with too.

Shrubs are easy to make, but can be a bit time-consuming,  so you will have to think ahead for this cocktail.  They are one of my favorite ingredients because they bring flavor, sweetness, and acid to a drink and they can be stored safely for a long time.

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